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    Tutti Fungi! What's that?

    Tutti Fungi foraging courses teach you all about foraging for wild edible plants and mushrooms

    Want to learn about foraging?

    Join Chris, an NHS Junior Doctor, on a foraging foray!


    A truly engaging and fantastic chance to experience some of the wild food from all around us. This foraging course aims to develop your understanding of plants and mushrooms, foraging etiquette and a few tips on cooking with wild foods to make delicious recipes from nature's larder.


    You will learn about the art of foraging and discover an array of wild edibles hidden in plain sight all around us.

  • Tutti Fungi Foraging Courses

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    Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start time to allow for parking and putting on boots. Please bring weather-appropriate clothing (raincoat, sunhat), sturdy shoes, a camera(phone). Dogs are welcome!

    There will be a 20 minute introduction where we will discuss the basics of foraging safety, etiquette, and mushroom identification. You're encouraged to ask any burning questions throughout.

    During which, Chris, will introduce you to a range of edible species; giving you tips on correct IDs, harvesting, look-alikes and culinary uses.

    Returning to our start point for a refresher, we'll review our foraging finds, practice cross referencing with a field guide and quench our thirst with a soft drink, beer or a foraged tea.

    If you are happy to provide your email, Chris will send out a crib sheet for your future reference.

    Bathroom access at the beginning or end of the course.

    Wild edibles are consumed at your own risk, we accept no liability. #NeverMunchOnAHunch

    A mushroom!

    That's going straight in my basket


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